Power Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

No Gasoline & More Power.

The World’s Strongest Battery Generator

Gasoline generators are expensive, loud, polluting and require maintenance. This is why we created DELTA, the world’s strongest battery generator. DELTA has no gas, no pollution, no noise and no maintenance. 

Compared to gasoline generators, DELTA is also more lightweight and compact, while packing more power. 

Recharge From 0 to 80% 

Within One Hour.

With our patented X-Stream Charging Technology, recharge DELTA from 0 to 80% within one hour. Or recharge DELTA with EcoFlow’s solar panels, which gives you a full charge in just four hours of perfect sunlight. DELTA has the fastest recharge rate on the market. 

Power Anything.

DELTA’s system packs 1300Wh of energy storage and includes six wall outlets, four regular USB ports, two 60-watt USB-C ports. You have every option you’ll ever need, all on one portable generator.

You can use DELTA as an emergency backup for your electric vehicle, giving you up to 7.5 extra miles (12 km) on a single charge. Or make more than 50 cups of coffee or use DELTA to power your computer up to 15 times. 

Safe To Use Indoors.

Gasoline generators emit carbon monoxide, which causes more than 500 deaths annually. During power outages or home recreational activities, you can safely use DELTA indoors. 

DELTA is an uninterruptible power supply, automatically kicking into gear when your power goes out. DELTA meets the standard of any wall outlet so you’ll always feel right at home.

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